$150.00 USD
Newsletter & Facebook Contest
Professional newsletter services integrated with facebook contests.
$49.00 USD

cPanel Import
Import cPanel backups into Our servers.
$ 49 each.
Contact Us for multiple.
$60.00 USD

Dedicated IP Address
Dedicated IP address for 1 domain.
Price includes setup, installation, and reconfiguring SSL certificates if required.
Price is for PER YEAR. If you switch servers during the year - a new IP address would be required at additional cost.
Starting from
$15.00 USD
Automated System Cleaning
Schedule Clean & Defrag
Account Security
Two-factor authentication Security
Event Limit Unlimited
Event History 1 year
Audit Reports
Technical Support
For more than 1 PC - Please contact Us for discount codes !!
Your MSI Installer will be accessible from "DOWNLOADS" after purchase.
$ 20 activation fee per PC
Starting from
$0.00 USD

Automated PC Cleanup
$198.00 USD

Press Release
Well, of course, you do…who in their right mind will say they don’t need better rankings or even traffic.The real question
HOW do you BOOST your rankings?
Has been used by numerous SEO agencies and individuals to boost their page ranks. It just works. We have been distributing and using press releases for SEO for as long as we can remember and every time it boosts rankings. In fact, our press releases are now being used as the first stage of a ranking method
by dozens of
Do you want to boost your rankings?
There are countless of SEO Methods and strategies out there so where do you START?
But today lets us just focus on one – Press Release.
SEO agencies
Affiliate marketers
E-Commerce (Shopify)
Amazon sellers
Corporate clients.
“Press Release is the best-kept secret of many SEO to get a site ranked” Of the many steps taken by an SEO, releasing a press release is one of the easier and fastest ways to get quick results for Your website.
$20.00 USD
Monthly PC Monitoring
Antivirus by Sophos monitoring
Automatic junk cleanup
Priced per PC
$317.75 USD
Dr Oliva Monthly Monitoring
Agreement for antivirus backup and more on server and 10 PC's.
Starting from
$50.00 USD
$150.00 Setup Fee
Offsite Server Backup
Offsite backup for a Windows Server.
Will backup and store ALL data encrypted offsite.
Speed is determined on UPLOAD AT LOCATION. Not responsible for Slow upload, will recommend faster internet if needed.
Data is recoverable, Recovery is charged by the hour at regular rate for Servers.
Charged PER Server. Space is "unlimited" with reason, and without our T.O.S.
$ 50.00 Monthly for MAIN Drive on Server, $ 20.00 Extra per extra drive needed on Backup systems.

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